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If I was able to choose a favourite image I’ve ever taken, this one might be it. A couple weeks ago Shane Black and I went to one of my favourite lakes in the early morning, and at first the fog was so thick I couldn’t even discern it from the still water that was mirroring it. We stayed at the lake for a couple hours and watched as the mist gradually lifted, beginning to reveal my beloved mountains. This was one of my most calming self-portrait experiences, taking my time to slowly walk through the water and then standing still to watch all the ripples dissipate until it felt like I was standing in a world frozen in that moment. (Meanwhile, Shane’s patiently but determinedly spending a substantial amount of time chasing a goose down the beach for his own photo.) I’d say this morning was absolute perfection, except for the fact that the gumboots I was wearing under the skirt were not quite tall enough… the amount of times I walked too far into the lake and had glacial water pour down and pool up around my feet and legs is innumerable. But it only adds to the memory. 🙂

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Flickr: Michelle by Colby Files Photography

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When your makeup artist (incidentally, who is also an accomplished model) sits in for a light check. No editing.
Model Michelle Gascoyne
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