This is a personal selection of beautiful, impressive and/or striking portraits. I see hundreds of portraits per week, I choose some of the best for this blog. So most portraits will be really recent. If I just discover a photographer I hadn’t seen before, I might take an older photo because I find it amongst his/her best work. You will not find the likes of Helmut Newton, Mario Testino, Herb Ritz, Annie Leibovitz, because you will probably already know these masterworks and I want to focus on more than the top 1% superstars. The photos are 95-100% SFW, depending on your workplace. Most of the portraits are of women. That’s entirely my fault.

Contact: Pedro El Bosque (Portfolio/Instagram/Facebook)


Like many photographers I have always been intrigued by beauty. That’s why I buy photography books, watch documentary and technical videos and why I view so many portraits per week on various quality photography sites. This helps me understand what I like or don’t like, and gives me inspiration for mood boards for shoots I do. This site is both an archive of the work I like and a way to share my discoveries with other photographers.


I follow 8000+ photographers via 500px, Flickr, Instagram, and Tumblr. If you want to send me your work, don’t send me photos, point me to your sites/URLs. I always want the name and URL of the photographer and/or the model. My goal is to pay tribute to talented creatives, not just show pretty pictures. I cannot guarantee that I will publish a photo of yours, nor in what delay.