Something different! Being the experimental type I tend to follow no rules with B&W developing and never have any issues. With colour however i’ve tried to go by the book.. well until today.I don’t like wasting things and when you by a 5L C41 Tetanol kit you get 100ml of each chemical left if you make 2x 1L batches. Today I decided to add some open but recent 100ml developer to some open from 2018 developer and try to develop some film. I didn’t mind Lomo / wacky colours as standard correct colours can often be quite boring. I developed 1 roll as I was not sure if I would get anything and my times and temps were “common sense” and not by the book. I was delighted to see photos on the first roll, which dates back to 2016! so I developed 5 more rolls.

Soo.. this is Mary, Poland 2019

Leica M3 + Leica Summicron 90mm f2 @f2 @1/1000 + Expired FujiColor C200 overexposed 1-2 stops as so bright

C41 developing with expired developer and chemicals, Epson v800 scan


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